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Casting Call: Heidi Zuckerman’s Top 7 Podcasts

March 4, 2020

These days, top podcasts are the topic of cocktail convos and dinner parties. Yet with so many to choose from, it’s challenging to decide when to hit “play.” Heidi Zuckerman, a veteran of the art world, is a leading podcaster. During “Conversations About Art,” Zuckerman, a global art expert, inspiring storyteller, and trusted conversation partner, invites artists, curators, collectors, athletes, actors, musicians, politicians, and CEOs to explore art through threads of uncertainty, happiness, and spirituality. “Conversations about Art” drops new episodes on Apple, Spotify, and all major podcast platforms every other Tuesday, and her conversation with ultra-athlete Rich Roll became available this week. Here, she curates her Top 7 of-the-moment podcasts.

Heidi Zuckerman

On Being. I am interested in spirituality, spiritual practice, and people who are committed to exploring those possibilities. Krista Tippett has a beautiful cadence and a calm, inquisitive approach to these subjects.


The Forward. Lance Armstrong is a longtime friend, and this podcast was the first that I was on. Lance was also my conversation partner in my first podcast episode. He talked about the idea for The Forward and how it changed the direction of his life. He is committed and funny and I enjoy listening to him.


YPO 10 Minute Tips from the Top. I like these podcasts as they are 10 minutes long! And they are packed with compelling personal stories and practical advice. Each one ends with the same five questions, and when you listen to a few in a row, an interesting cross section of what matters to a group of highly successful people emerges.


Pardon My Take. My son turned me on to this podcast, and while I don’t always (or often) understand the intricacies of the sports figures they are discussing, I love the irreverence, the games they play, and the humor they bring to all of their commentary.


The Rich Roll Podcast. I found Mike Posner on the Rich Roll podcast. I don’t remember why I started listening to that episode, but once I started I couldn’t stop! I stayed home from work and was riveted for two straight hours. Rich is present and authentic and his guests match his energy and availability.


Revisionist History. I love when people change the way I understand something. And that usually happens when I hear a completely different perspective on something that I thought I knew something about. In Malcolm Gladwell’s first episode of his first season, he addresses female painters while ostensibly talking about something else. It’s super smart.


Missing Richard Simmons. I have always loved stories. As a long time and gleeful listener of Selected Shorts on NPR, I think podcasts are super suited to serial storytelling. The narrative in this podcast is one of the best I have ever heard—it is captivating and I binged my listen!

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