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Fine Tuned

Looking to leverage that hard-earned wellness routine while traveling for biz? We’ve got you covered.

Herewith, tips on travel and fitness from wellness warriors at Exhale Spa.




According to Exhale’s Director of Healing, Dr. Robert MacDonald, “Jet travel and meditation go together like Paris and springtime. Flying—even for the seasoned traveler—can sometimes be stressful. Crisscrossing time zones adds to the mix by messing with your circadian rhythm. Flying is the perfect time to turn thoughts inward, become present, calm nerves, and make jet travel a healthy and happy experience.”

All’s An App: “There are so many great meditation apps available today,” MacDonald adds. “Check out Insight Timer, Breath, and Stop Breath Think in your App store. These are simple, follow-along tools for instant mediation success.”

DIY Meditation Tips:

  • Put on your headphones and play calming music (preferably without vocals).
  • Close your eyes, with your feet on the floor, and practice slow deep and rhythmic breathing.
  • When your mind wonders, gently bring your attention back to the circuit of your breath (in and out).



Whether booked for a board meeting in Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, or Miami, barre class is one of the most effective ways to stay lean and strong. Expect a full-body workout with light weights, planks, pushups, thigh strengthening exercises, and ab work paired with ballet-inspired moves to sculpt the arms, lean the legs, chisel the abs and lift the butt. Ballet skills not your jam? No artistic dance moves required. If a beginner, all you need is a pair of grippy socks, and for barre buffs, Advanced Barre classes are available, too.




Acupuncture combats both jet lag and insomnia. As such, Exhale’s Acu-Healing takes a deep dive into the modality. Because one of acupuncture’s main effects is to balance the body both physically and energetically, it’s well suited to address jet lag, insomnia, stress, fatigue and other imbalances. Have trouble sleeping on the road? Acupuncture works to help bring the body back into a functional balance, and allows travelers to regain a restful and natural sleep pattern.

Acu-Organ Detox. The Acu-Organ Detox is a gentle treatment that strengthens the body’s ability to digest and eliminate waste and toxins. An added bonus? It’s oh-so relaxing, combining acupuncture, a hot castor oil abdominal pack, and a slow gentle abdominal massage.

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