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Our Business Model

  • Sentient Jet works with an elite group of independent operators who must complete Sentient’s extensive certification process, ensuring the highest levels of safety and service are met. This unique business model allows us to maintain a dedicated focus on our customers, making them our highest priority. Our meticulously hand-selected network of expert operators provides confidence to our clients while allowing us access to a fleet of quality aircraft so we can deliver the utmost flexibility.
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Sentient Jet - Why Sentient, history

Sentient Jet - our innovative products

Our Innovative Products

  • Building on our innovative business model, we created the industry’s first private jet card, which provides Cardholders the value and flexibility of purchasing their private jet travel time in hourly increments, while paying only for the hours they fly. For nearly 20 years, Sentient Jet has perfected the jet card model, making it a sophisticated, flexible alternative to jet ownership, fractional arrangements and other jet cards. And now, you can book your flights with just a few taps via our new iOS and Android app.
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A Culture of Safety

  • At Sentient Jet, our customers are truly our greatest asset, which is why we’re driven by a culture of safety and service. Our operators must meet the highest qualifications and are tested annually to ensure our high standards are consistently met. Our safety standards are so rigorous, they exceed FAR Part 135 regulations in a host of categories. In addition to certifying our operators, we also certify every aircraft, pilot and flight.

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Sentient Jet - culture of safety


  • Our service philosophy is driven by our belief that we must earn our Cardholders' loyalty every time they fly.

    This philosophy is what inspires us to make each trip an extraordinary experience. Supported by an extensive 24/7 customer service operation, we are relentless in our commitment to flawless execution.
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