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Private Jet Travel Innovator Sentient Jet Introduces New 25-Hour Card

New 25-Hour Card Offers Better Value, Greater Features and More Benefits

Braintree, MA – November 27, 2012 - Sentient Jet, one of the leading private aviation companies in the United States, announced today that it has introduced the new Sentient Jet 25-Hour Card providing guaranteed access to Light and Mid-size jets with access to Super Mid and Heavy Aircraft in both the Select and Preferred Categories.

Sentient Jet offers broad solutions to flying private in today's market with no significant capital commitment. The introduction of this new product continues Sentient Jet's long history of innovation in private jet cards, starting with the company's invention of the private jet membership card in 1999 through its creation of the industry's first Independent Safety Advisory board as well as the Sentient Jet Certification process to independently evaluate jet operators.

"As the national private jet industry continues to consolidate, Sentient stands apart in delivering innovative products and services for our clients to fly private," said Andrew Collins, President of Sentient Jet. "Our success is evidenced by our growing market share and over 3,000 active jet card customers."

Collins continued: "Our latest 25-Hour Card once again sets the industry standard in delivering better value, greater features and more benefits, all with guaranteed national service. As the only national 25-hour card with fully locked, transparent rates and a round trip efficiency bonus, it allows customers to lock in competitive pricing and also hedge against any fluctuations in fuel. Importantly, it still comes with our unyielding commitment to safety and to providing the highest levels of customer service to help ensure our clients experience the best trip possible each and every time they choose to fly private."

Sentient Jet's new 25-Hour Card allows clients to purchase 25 hours of flight time on a specific choice of jet size (Light or Mid) and age class (Preferred or Select), offering direct, guaranteed access to some of the highest quality aircraft in the market today. Through this unique card offering, Sentient Jet card holders get a rare combination of industry leading service at tremendous value: the hourly card comes complete with a one-year lock on both hourly rates and fuel surcharge, with the added bonus of 10-15% discounts on hourly pricing for qualifying travel.

Sentient Jet's new 25-Hour Card provides many benefits and advantages over other solutions. Highlights include:

  • 25 hours of flight time in Light and Mid-size jets in both the Select and Preferred Categories
  • Ability to upgrade to Super-Mid and Heavy-sized jets at published hourly rates
  • All-inclusive pricing with aircraft hourly rates and fuel rates locked in for 12 months
  • 15% efficiency discount on qualifying round-trip travel
  • 10% discount on qualifying trips over 3 hours
  • Access to travel in the United States, the Caribbean, and Intra-Europe

Collins concluded: "As we approach our 14th year in business, we continue to focus on what has made us successful to date, and I am confident our customers will agree that our latest 25-Hour Card is another tremendous product."

About Sentient Jet

Founded in 1999, Sentient Jet is one the leading private aviation companies in the country. Sentient Jet's Card Program offers industry-leading value for private jet travel and protection from the risk of depreciating assets associated with fractional jet ownership. Sentient Jet has established a strong reputation for outstanding service and a commitment to leading safety programs, guided by the industry's first and only Independent Safety Advisory Board. Sentient's extensive network of certified operators ensures that clients will always have access to executive aircraft that meet Sentient Jet's rigorous standards for safety and quality. For on-demand, individual itineraries, the Company also offers the Sentient Jet Charter program as well as the online private jet charter marketplace, Sentient is owned by Directional Aviation Capital, a private investment firm whose sole focus is private business aviation. Visit for more information.

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